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The 10 Dumbest Criminals of All Time

Posted on: 04-20-2015

10. One Million Note - Michael Anthony was one of the dumbest criminals ever. The biggest bill currently being used in the US is the $ 100 one. However, this did not stop this man from going to a local Walmart and trying to use his self-manufactured one million dollar note. He was caught at the site and charged with 2 felonies.

9. Calling for Money - There was a criminal once who called a local store in order to inquire about the total amount of money they had. When he got to the store, he was welcomed by a bunch of cops all laughing at his dumbness.

8. Deaf Robber - There was once a case of robbery in which a deaf thief was captured at the crime scene. He was unable to hear the sound of the alarm which kept ringing until the cops arrived and took him down.

7. Free Beer - This strategy was used by the police authorities to catch more than a dozen of wanted criminals. The police has informed 18 to 20 criminals that they had won free beer. Most of them were dumb and fell for the offer. When they arrived at the spot to collect their prize, all they found was a group of cops ready to arrest them.

6. Call Me - There was once a robbery in Chicago in which the robber left behind his cell number at the crime scene. He had invaded a store for money but found out that the manager had the keys with him and he was not in at the moment. He left the employee his number and asked him to give a call as soon as the manager checks in the store. The police was informed and the robber was caught as soon as he arrived at the store yet again to collect his loot.

5. Birth Certificate - Once upon a time in Boston there was a robber who was so intelligent that he had left behind his birth certificate at a crime scene. When the police contacted the man, he pretended to be someone else. However, his stupid tactics didn't work and he was caught.

4. The Perfect Getaway Vehicle - There was once a group of thieves in Colombia who used the fastest getaway vehicle money can buy. They robbed a number of people and stores and loaded all of their loot on top of a donkey. However, the donkey made a lot of noise and caught the attention of some nearby police officers.

3. 17 Year-Old Genius - In Nebraska, which a 17 year-old thief had gotten inside a car after threatening the owner, who fled away after seeing a gun. When the boy entered the car, he found that the car used manual transmission. He was unaware how to operate it. He kept trying for a long time but was unable to move the vehicle. The police arrived and arrested the boy while he was still inside the car.

2. The Brave Burglar - There was once a criminal who did the unthinkable. He was so brave that he ended up trying to rob a house full of police officers. The main reason behind the presence of the police in the house was it had been robbed earlier that night.

1. The Copy Cat - There have been a number of copycat crimes inspired from Ted Bundy. However, most of these criminals were stupid, unlike Bundy. One of them was arrested while trying to lure a woman to his house with his wife and children already waiting for him to come home. When he brought the woman to his house, he was surprised to find his family inside. He attacked the woman and shouted "I am Ted Bundy reincarnated." The spectacle was too much for the wife, who called the police.