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Top 10 Awesome 21st Century Bank Robberies

Posted on: 03-26-2013

Want to know the latest bank robberies that's happened within the 21st century? Here are the top 10 21st century bank robberies.

10. The Agricultural Bank of China Robbery

9. The Ireland Bank Robbery In 2009

8. Northern Bank In 2004 Around $50 million was taken

7. The Graff Diamonds Robbery In 2009 Around $65 million was taken

Diamonds have not been found...

6. Banco Central Burglary In 2005 Around $70 million was taken

5. The Kent Securitas Depot Robbery In 2006 Around $92.5 million was taken

4. The Antwerp Diamond Center In 2003 Around $100 million was taken

3. Harry Winston Heist In 2008 Around $108 million was taken

2. Sumitomo Bank in London Heist In 2007 Around $300 million was taken

1. Central Bank of Iraq In 2003 Around $1 billion was taken

In March 2003, Saddam Hussein actually stole around $1 billion from the Central Bank of Iraq. This happened right before the USA started bombing Baghdad. This might just be the biggest bank heist that has happened in history because around $650 million was found within the walls of the palace that belonged to Saddam Hussein. It is believed that this could have been the money that was stolen.