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Top 10 Cool Items To Donate To Charities

Posted on: 03-06-2013

A lot of people wonder what are some good items to donate to charities so here are the top 10 cool items to donate to charities.

1. Computers. You will find that computers are very popular to donate. Charities will wipe your hard drive clean for your protection. You can pack up old accessories that might go with your computer or laptop. Do you still have that 2001 laptop or computer in your house taking up space? Get rid of it and donate it to charity.

2. Books. Many people buy a book thinking they will read it a lot of times just to find that they are happy with just reading it once. It just sits on the bookshelf after they have finished reading it and it starts to collect dust. Buy some new books and get rid of old books.

3. Phones. Don't know what to do with that phone that you purchased back in 1999? Goodwill agencies and other charities have teamed up to collect these phones so that way they can recycle them.

4. Toys. You can get your kids to help you out with this one. Get some boxes and have them go thru all of the toys that they have and don't play with anymore then give them to a charity.

5. Clothing. People might get clothes that they don't like and just throw them in the closet or you might go on a diet and change sizes. Maybe you have jeans that just never seemed to fit you right. Donate all of your clothes that you do not like or need to charity and go out and buy you some new ones that you will enjoy.

6. Videos. Do you have any old videos that you never watch anymore? Most people have forgotten about videos but others still love to watch them so you never know who might end up loving those videos that you never watch.

7. Instruments. Sometimes you've just got to admit that you never enjoyed or learned how to play the instrument you have but someone else might treasure it.

8. Jewelry. I think that we've all had jewelry at some point that we never liked.

9. Can food items. You can help local charities throughout the year by donating can food items.

10. Furniture. If you find yourself unable to move the furniture that you want to donate then call the charity and see if someone can come and pick it up for you.