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Top 10 Crazy Criminals

Posted on: 08-18-2014

1. Stupid criminals butt dial 911 by accident, get arrested

2. Robber caught after leaving keys inside store

3. North Carolina Man, James Verone Robs Bank For $1 To Get Health Care In Jail

4. Teen Bank Robber Caught After Bragging on Youtube

5. Police in Arizona have arrested a man after he allegedly dressed as a terrorist

6. Sydney Armaguard Van Robbery Attempt Caught on Camera

7. Teen arrested for yelling 'bingo' in crowded hall

8. Miami Zombie Prankster Vitalyzdtv Arrested For Fake Bomb Prank

9. Man calls 911 after he was shot trying to rob grocery store

10. Connecticut Burglar Steals One Banana After Driving Into Citgo Station, Car Crash Banana Robber