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Top 10 Crazy World Records

Posted on: 01-21-2013

Here are the Top 10 Crazy World Records.

10. Biggest Bubble Gum Bubble done by Chad Fell at 20 inches

9. Biggest Working Gun Is 400 inches and the award goes to The United States Rifle M1917

8. Dog With The Longest Tongue: 4.5 inches

7. Supatra Sasuphan: The World's Hairiest Girl

6. Heaviest weight lifted by tongue 27 lbs done by Thomas Blackthorne. Below is one of the attempts that Thomas did before he broke the record.

5. Widest mouth Is 6.69 inches Which Belongs To Francisco Domingo Joaquim

4. Die Langsten Frauenbeine Has The Longest Female Legs 51.9 inches

3. World's Shortest Man

2. Most Clothes Pegs Clipped on Face 104 Wooden Clothes Pegs

1. 41 Push Ups In 30 Seconds Done By Guizhong Xie