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Top 10 Dumb Facts About Vampires

Posted on: 05-31-2013

1. A vampire does not have any reflection

2. Vampires go as far back as the Egyptians

Does the name warrior goddess Sekhmet ring a bell? She was an Egyptian and rumor has it that she craved the blood of men.

3. Groups of vampires are called clans

4. Eating garlic can help to protect you from vampires

5. Wearing iron jewelry can also protect you from vampires

Many people for some reason think that silver jewelry is what might protect them but in fact, iron jewelry is what you need.

6. All it might take is just a spell to be cast during birth or after birth

7. Wearing a cross can protect you from a vampire

8. Balkans think that if either watermelons or pumpkins might be left too long after they pick it and more so after Christmas then the fruit might turn into a wicked vampire.

9. Porphyria might cause symptoms which could result into being almost like a vampire

10. They say that if you are worried about your house then you can protect your house by spreading salt around it and vampires will stay far away from your home.