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Top 10 Dumb Friday the 13th Full Moon Superstitions

Posted on: 06-13-2014

Check out these top 10 dumb Friday the 13th superstitions.

1. If you sneeze, you might be creating sorry for your future.

2. Paying off debts on a full moon is considered bad luck.

3. Laughing on Friday when the moon is full means you might cry on Sunday.

4. The full moon on Friday the 13th will make you crazy.

5. Aliens walk on the moon when it's full and come down to earth.

6. Werewolves come out on the full moon.

7. If sick people look at the moon then they will be sick for a very long time.

8.If you sleep directly under the full moon, it might bring death suddenly.

9. Patients on the 3rd floor of a hospital go crazy.

10. If you're late giving birth or expecting soon, you might have the baby on the night of the full moon.