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Top 10 Dumb Stunts

Posted on: 04-29-2014

Here are the top 10 dumb stunts. Some of these are very cool but yet at the same time, just dumb.

1. Dirty Sanchez 103 Paintball's To The Body

2. Parachuting Stunt

3. Jason Rennie . World record mountain bike jump . 133.6 ft

4. To ride a bike backwards at 80 km/h!

5. Airplane Stunt

6. Twin Towers Tightrope Walk - Philippe Petit

7. New Guinness record for swan-diving into a paddling pool

8. Dumb Skateboard Stunts

9. sebastian faucon insane freerunning jump

10. Ryan Capes breaks world distance record motorcycle jump at 390'4"