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Top 10 Dumbest Infomercial Products

Posted on: 11-02-2012

Many infomercial products turn out to be very useful, but here are some we think are destined for failure:

10. Tiddy Bear

If you're tired of that seat belt "digging in" then you're not alone! What you need is the Tiddy Bear.

9. Toilette Paper Wiping Product

Here's a "modern solution" to toilette tissue.

8. Bear Scratch

Never worry about having to scratch your back again.

7. Hawaii Chair

What a great gift to give someone that works.

6. Sonic Blade

Epic fail.

5. Shake Weight

All it takes is just 6 minutes!

4. The Amazing Eggstractor

Tired of peeling those eggs? Alright, not so sure about the amazing part...

3. The Button Extender

If you are too fat and you need to close those pants then it's time to use the Button Extender.

2. The Potty Putter

It's a golfer's dream come true...

1. Shoes Under

Protect your shoes with "Shoes Under".