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Top 10 Dumbest Inventions

Posted on: 10-29-2012

Here are the Top 10 Dumbest Inventions ever.

10. Hydrogen Blimps

Hydrogen is cheaper and so maybe that's why the makers decided to use it when they designed the Hindenburg back in 1931. The blimp burst into flames and within 36 seconds it crashed.

9. Hydrogenated Oils

Back in the 1800's people started using Hydrogenated Oils to help wtih increasing the shelf life of their food items. Studies today show that using Hydrogenated Oils can create many health problems and even increase your chance of heart disease and make your cholesterol levels rise.

8. Farmville

Farmville is one of the most addictive games on Facebook. Over 10% of Americans have played Farmville and addicted to it. Why? Instead of doing mindless chores and harvesting crops online why not do them in real life?

7. Crinoline

The Crinoline was the most uncomfortable fashion dresses of its time. The Crinoline was used mainly between 1830 to around 1870. Thank goodness we don't need it today.

6. Nintendo Virtual Boy

The Nintendo Virtual Boy was one of the shortest systems ever on the market. It was on the market for just six months back in the year 1995. It was bulky and just ugly.

5. Subprime Mortgages

Below is a very good video clip on subprime mortgages and how it was not a good idea.

4. CueCat

The CueCat was made in hopes that people would use it as a bar code scanner and scan items online but the CueCat failed and here is why.

3. Segway

Segway was one of the most guarded secret inventions of all time and it failed miserably.

2. Phone Fingers

If you are very paranoid about having finger prints on your iPhone then this might be perfect but if not then you might see it as one of the dumbest inventions ever.

1. New Coke

Never mess with something that consumers love. Just don't. If something is perfect dont try fixing it.