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Top 10 Odd Diseases

Posted on: 03-14-2013

A disease can sometimes be fatal and other diseases people might quickly recover from and resume their life back as it use to be. Below you will find some the top 10 odd diseases.

10. Gigantism Disease

People that have gigantism grow tall inveterately and they also usually end up heavy. The reason why is because the pituitary gland has a benign tumor on it.

9. MSUD also known as the Maple Syrup Urine Disease

This disease is inherited and often times will occur if the body has some sort of accumulation with amino acids because the body is unable to break them down and people with this disease might start having seizures and other problems.

8. Trigger Thumb Disease

Imagine how frustrated you might get if your thumb or finger got locked into one place? People that have Trigger Thumb Disease suffer from this problem. Sometimes a snap that is painful can help but other times it might just remain stuck.

7. Foreign Accent Syndrome

People with Foreign Accent Syndrome often times usually suffer from multiple sclerosis or either from brain trauma and they can change their accent randomly.

6. Carcinoid Syndrome


The ACDC is so rare that only around nine people in the USA have this disease. Calcium is accumulated in the joints of the feet, hands and also with the arteries that are below the waist. ACDC is short for Arterial Calcification.

4. Conversion Disorder

3. Black Hairy Tongue

2. Eagle Syndrome

1. Progeria