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Top 10 Odd Jobs

Posted on: 10-25-2012

A job might be anything from exciting to just disgusting and sometimes just very weird. These types of jobs aren't the jobs your lawyers, doctors and teachers might have. Here are the top 10 odd jobs in the USA.

10. Foley artist

A Foley artist is someone that creates the sound effects in films and they find whatever they can in order to record and create those noises. It might sound like a cool job but yet it's also odd because they have to record things such as doors creaking, thunder and heavy footsteps.

9. Ocularist

The Ocularist paints eyes that are artificial. This might sound easy but it's not.

8. Beer tester

If you love beer then this might be the perfect odd job for you.

7. Worm Picker

Love worms? Be a worm picker!

6. Odor Judgers

If smells don't bother you then maybe you should become a odor judger.

5. Chimney Sweeper

I think a chimney sweeper is odd but this video makes it seem like a wonderful job to have.

4. Body Farm Caretaker

If you are into corpses and don't mind the smell then this job might be the one for you.

3. Chicken Sexer

Did you know that you must have a degree in order to tell the difference between a male or female chicken?

2. Shark Tank Cleaner

Someone has to clean the shark's poo. I'll pass on it.

1. Fortune Cookie Writer

Writing fortune cookies might seem like a odd job but yet at the same time it might inspire someone.