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Top 10 Scary And Dumb Charity Scams

Posted on: 03-12-2013

It is important to be aware of these charity scams that go on. Below you will find the top 10 dumb and scary charity scams.

10. Donated Clothing Bin Scam

9. Ethiopian charity scam

8. Haiti Charity Earthquake Scams

7. Email Charity Donation Fraud

Charity donation fraud starts with a simple email asking you to help with giving a donation to charity. The email will then refer you over to a phone number or website and then you can make a payment by using your debit or credit card.

6. Collection Box Charity Scam

When you are out in public someone might approach you or either they might go up to your front door and then they will ask you to donate some money for a special collection box that they have. Usually they will have a story behind it such as it could be for a charity or sometimes they might say it is for a church that is helping a charity.

5. Poor People Charity Scam

A person might come to your home and ask if you would fill up a big with a lot of toys, clothes and maybe other household items to help donate towards charity. They will say that these items will help people that are very poor and usually they will say they are overseas. These people look professional and seem like the real deal but they are not.

4. Joplin Tornado Fake Charities Scam

When the Joplin tornado hit back in 2011 it appeared as if two charities had been set up in order to help out the victims. However, they never contributed any of the money that they received to the Joplin Tornado. You have to be very careful when there is a weather event that happens causing people to be in need because people will try hard to pull scams fast to make some extra money during the crisis.

3. Veteran Charity Scams

2. Goodwill Charity Scam

1. Holiday Charity Scams