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Top 10 Silly Fads of the Early 2010s

Posted on: 01-07-2014

10. Planking - A fad where people lay down flat (like a plank) in strange places:

9. Dog Shaming - When your dog does something bad, you hang a sign from their neck making them say what they did wrong and then post the photo online:

8. Gangham Style - Psy's catchy music video ignited a Worldwide dance craze:

7. Hipsters - A subculture mostly comprised of white 18-34 year-olds who like indie music and vintage/thrift store clothing, and live alternative lifestyles.

6. Twerking - Made famous by Miley Cyrus, a dance move where you shake your hips up and down causing your rear end to jiggle.

5. Cash Mobs - A type of Flash Mob where people gather to buy things at local business to support that business and the community.

4. Silly Bandz - Colorful band bracelets for kids made out of rubber bands.

3. YOLO - Stands for "You only live once". A motto for people to take risks and enjoy life.

2. Shake Weights - An infomercial and viral hit for a dumbbell that shakes, supposedly increasing the effects of exercise.

1. Tebowing - Named Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow, because during NFL games he would kneel on one knee and pray with his head bowed down.

Article Author: Eric Borgos on Google+