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Top 10 Strange Phobias

Posted on: 01-11-2013

A lot of people have at least one phobia and they might not even know that it's a phobia. Here are the top 10 strange phobias.

10. Fear of going bald - Phalacrophobia

A lot of men and women have a fear of going bald. This is a very common and yet strange phobia.

9. Fear of laughter - Geliophobia

Some people have a fear of laughter or either they have a fear of people laughing around them.

8. Fear of insanity - Agateophobia

Do you ever fear that you are going to end up going insane?

7. Fear of toads - Bufonophobia

I must admit that I do find toads to be scary.

6. Fear of Church - Ecclesiophobia

Maybe people are afraid because they've been doing the wrong and don't want the preacher to find out?

5. Fear of dinner conversations or either dinning - Deipnophobia

Good excuse to get out dining with the in-laws.

4. Being afraid of the number 666 - Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia

It is a scary number.

3. Fear of long words - Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia

Long words can be rather difficult.

2. Fear of belly buttons - Omphalophobia

Well, alright then.....

1. Fear of everything - Pantophobia or Panophobia

Do you find yourself afraid of everything? We do live in a scary world.