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Top 10 Strangest Sports

Posted on: 11-01-2012

Here is a list of the top 10 strangest sports.

10. Bog Snorkeling

Bog Snorkeling is a strange sports event that happens every year along the Waen Rhydd Peat Bog that is near the Llanwrtyd Wells located in Powys, Wales. The race is a 55 m bog trench and all of the contestants in the race must complete at least two lengths. The swimming strokes that are conventional are not allowed in this race but there are a lot of flippers and snorkels that are mandatory.

9. Beer Can Regatta

In Darwin, Australia it's known for many things but one thing that it's known for is that they consume a high amount of beer. In the year 1974 the Darwin residents decided a way to use those empty beer cans and they came up with the sport Beer Can Regatta. The boats in this sport are made out of empty aluminum cans.

8. Hairy Back Competitions

In the USA hairy back competitions is starting to become popular. Competitions for hairy backs are now held throughout the USA.

7. Camel Wrestling

In Selcuk Turkey every year they hold an annual Camel Wrestling championship. The camels will fight each other in order to get the female.

6. Sheep Counting

Australian's seem to love and play unique sports. This sport is all about counting sheep. Competitors must count the sheep and those sheep will be making a mad dash by them. The winner is determined by the competitor that counts the sheep accurately. They must sleep well after counting so many sheep.

5. Zorb Ball

Roll down the hill inside a inflatable ball that is huge. This sport actually looks like a lot of fun but it is one sport that is unusual and it's extreme but the one thing about this sport is that there's not any competition with it.

4. Cockroach Races

The cockroach race happens in Kangaroo Point Queensland, Australia and on Australia Day they hold a Cockroach Competition. A bucket full of cockroaches is put in the middle of the race ring and the cockroach that reaches the edge of the ring is the winner. Humans getting lazy?

3. Stair Climbing Races

Yes, there is a sport to where you race to the top of the stairs. Every year there is a stair climbing race at the Empire State Run-Up and the runners must go up at least 1,430 steps and complete it within 10 minutes.

2. Cup Stacking

Stack up a pile of 12 cups but they must be done in different sequences. In order to complete the World Sport Stacking Championship you must have the eagle eye and very fast hands. You will also be competing against the clock. People of all ages can enter in this sport.

1. Extreme Ironing

Ironists get their thrills from the ironing board and getting those wrinkles out of clothes. Sometimes they will go to extreme places in order to do it and photograph themselves. Sometimes they'll iron when they are hanging from the cliff or if they are on top of a vehicle.