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Top 10 Unusual Houses

Posted on: 02-01-2013

Here are the top 10 unusual houses located throughout the USA and the world.

10. The Spaceship House Located In Chattanooga, TN.

9. The Teapot Dome Located In Zillah, WA.

The Teapot Dome Located In Zillah, WA was done back in the year 1922 and this home was done to help remind people of the teapot dome scandal that happened which involved President Warren G. Harding plus the federal petroleum reserve. Here's a video of the history behind the Teapot scandal.

8. The Boeing 727 House Located in Benoit, Mississippi

7. The Shoe House Located In Hellam, Pennsylvania.

6. The Upside-Down House Located In Szymbark, Poland.

5. The Mushroom House Located In Cincinnati, Ohio

4. The One Log House Located In Garberville, California

3. The Fallingwater House Located In Mill Run, Pennsylvania.

2. The Steel House Located In Lubbock, Texas.

1. The Toilet-Shaped House Located in Suwon, South Korea.