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Top 10 Unusual Restaurants

Posted on: 01-14-2013

If you are looking for a new and unusual restaurant then you're in for a treat. Here are the top 10 unusual restaurants around the world and in the USA.

10. Devil Island Prison Restaurant

The Devil Island Prison Restaurant is located in China and the owner wanted people to experience how tough it can be in prison. The restaurant is jail themed and before you go to the table handcuffs get put on and then bread that's fried in a coffin shape is served. All tables are surrounded with prison bars that appear to be rusting. The waiters wear uniforms which are black and white striped.

9. A380 In-Flight Kitchen in Taiwan

8. Ithaa - Underwater Restaurant In Maldives Hilton Resort & Spa

7. Tombs Restaurant In India

6. Heart Attack Grill In Las Vegas, Nevada

5. Dinner in the Sky

4. Forbes Island In San Fancisco Bay, California

3. Ninja New York

2. Wizard of the Opera in Tokyo

The Wizard of the Opera restaurant is located in Tokyo. The restaurant has a theme that is Opera based. It has a lot of red velvet and for your enjoyment you can listen to Andrew Lloyd Webber that plays on the soundtrack. The dishes that are served to you come in a smoke salmon shape that looks like a rose then to top it off the staff writes opera on your plate with chocolate.

1. Baggers In Nuremberg Germany