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Top 10 Urban Legends

Posted on: 02-22-2013

There are some urban legends that might have just been a warning to people and then there are others that have more meaning and might make you feel uneasy before you crawl under the bed at night. Here are the top 10 urban legends.

10. Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary was most known as a game at children's sleepovers. Mary Worth's ghost was executed because she was a witch and if you summoned her then she would still appear according to this urban legend. In order to make her appear usually it meant going into a room which was dark and shouting out her name "Bloody Mary" three times and then her face appears in the mirror. There are a lot of variations with this story and some say that Satan's face appears and others say that you must say the name 13 times.

9. Smith Sisters Murdered Anonymously

8. The Hook

7. The Clown Statue

6. Baby Blue

5. The Ghost Hitchhiker

4. Dead Body Under The Bed

This urban legend is about a family who decides that they should go on a holiday and end up checking into a hotel that was very cheap and only to discover a surprise that was scary. They booked up two double rooms, one for the parents and one for their children a girl and a boy.

When they arrived the room had a bad odor and the husband had to call the front desk and talked with the manager and the manager apologized and said they couldn't give him another suit because they were all booked up from a convention. He said he would try to send the maid up and have her clean the room to get rid of the horrible odor.

Once the family had lunch they went back to their rooms. The children could smell the odor again and the father told the manager that the smell was very bad and the manager said that there was nothing that he could do. The kids still decided to sleep in the room.

In the morning the parents decided to find out what the cause of the odor was and searched the room only to find a dead body of a woman underneath the base of the boy's bed. The boy suddenly realized he had been sleeping just a few inches away from a corpse that was rotting.

3. Killer in the Backseat

2. Buried Alive

1. Candyman

The Candyman is a ghost urban legend and in this legend he returns back from the dead because he wants revenge. Legend has it that if you look in the mirror and say his name five times that the Candyman will come back and kill you with the hook that he has. The Candyman was a vicious killer that had a hook on his hand that was bloody.

Candyman was at one point a real man. He lived back when slavery was going on and known as Daniel Robitaille and in New Orleans he worked on the plantation. He had a talent for painting and the plantation owner picked him to paint a portrait of his beloved daughter.

Daniel ended up falling in love with the daughter and the plantation owner who was racist discovered that the two of them were in love and sent out a very angry mob to chase Daniel out of town.

They chased Daniel with pitchforks and dogs and they chased him across the fields and finally found him in the barn exhausted. The owner cut off Daniel's right hand with a saw and then threw him into the beehive after they covered him in honey.

The Candyman died in such terrible pain from the injuries he had and he cursed all of the men who killed him and also said he wanted revenge and would return to get it.