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Top 10 Weirdest Websites

Posted on: 10-26-2012

10. http://www.itchforum.net/content/index_eng.html

Itchy? I thought so.

9. odditycentral.com

Tired of watching the regular news? Tune into OddityCentral.com instead.

8. donothingfor2minutes.com

Sometimes all we need to do is just relax for 2 minutes and donothingfor2minutes.com.

7. savethesounds.info

Museum of endangered sounds!

6. artinmycoffee.com

It would be hard drinking such beautiful coffee. You'll never look at coffee the same again after seeing the pictures on artinmycoffee.com.

5. http://www.unusualmuseums.org/toilet/

Ever get tired of the way your toilet seat looks? Visit www.unusualmuseums.org/toilet and you might get some ideas for your toilet seat.

4. StuffonmyCat.com

Photos of cats with stuff on them. Oddly entertaining.

3. secretrestroom.com

I guess the secretrestroom.com isn't a secret bathroom anymore.

2. cakewrecks.com.

The name says it all. They are really cakewrecks.com

1. http://www.x-raytechniciantraining.org/blog/2010/20-images-of-some-scary-teeth/

This should inspire you to become a X-ray technician because the pictures from x-raytechniciantraining.org should prove how much we need them!