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Mental Age

Your first name (optional):
Your Age is:
Do you always carry a pen in your pocket/purse?
Do you belong to any political or environmental groups?
Do you check your email at least once a day?
Do you donate money to PBS?
Do you drink energy drinks?
Do you enjoy hearing about other people's medical problems?
Do you ever answer questions with, "Because I said so." ?
Do you ever say the words "Turn that music down!"?
Do you feel like you're missing out if you stay in at night?
Do you get bored easily?
Do you go to rock concerts?
Do you have a new best friend every month?
Do you have an avatar?
Do you know what BRB and LOL mean?
Do you like gardening?
Do you like practical jokes?
Do you like reality tv shows?
Do you like roller coasters?
Do you like to have your clothing ironed/pressed?
Do you like to watch foreign movies with subtitles?
Do you look forward to doing crosssword puzzles?
Do you look forward to taking naps?
Do you make up your own words?
Do you personally keep a photo album of your family?
Do you prefer driving in the fast lane?
Do you read or collect comic books?
Do you remember to water your plants?
Do you sneak into movie theaters?
Do you sometimes lie on the floor to watch TV?
Do you spend hours on the phone talking to the friends you have just spent the entire day with?
Do you take daily medication?
Do you take your cell phone with you everywhere?
Do you think of speed limits as a challenge?
Do you throw things or slam doors when you get angry?
Do you tuck your shirt in?
Do you turn off the lights for economic rather than romantic reasons?
Do you write or read blogs?
Do you write thank you notes without being told?
Does your little black book contain mostly names that end in "M.D." ?
If somebody farted at a funeral, would you laugh?
Normally when you say you're going to do something do you do it?
What does "nickelodeon" mean to you?
What is more of your ideal vacation?
What would you rather do with your free time?
When you eat dinner, do you voluntarily finish all your vegetables?
When you talk about "good grass", are you referring to someone's lawn?
Which candy do you prefer?
Which color do you prefer?
Which dead person would you rather meet?
Which Drink do you prefer?
Which event would you rather go to?
Which event would you rather watch
Which news source do you prefer to read from?
Which TV news program are you more likely to watch?
Which TV show is better?
Which type of music do you like better?
Which type of radio station do you prefer?
Which would you prefer to visit?
Who would you rather have dinner with?
Will you get up from the sofa to get an out of reach remote control?
You aren't really sure of who you are?