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John Tuttle - Office Prank
Call the receptionist and ask her to page a fake employee, who goes by the name of either John Tuttle or Allen Smythee. These are names that the movie industry uses for actors or directors that are unhappy with a movie and don't want their names attached to the project.
Nameplate Swap - Door Prank
Swap door namelpates with office suites from down the hall or on another floor. Most people won't notice until someone who is suppose to meet with them cannot find their suite.
Are You Going To Eat That? - Food Prank
Take a brownie and sculpt it to look like dog poo. Then place it in your victim's yard. As you and your victim walk passed it. Pick it up and eat it in front of him or her.
Awww, how cute! - Office Prank
Always include a piece of your child's artwork as the cover page for the reports you write.
Clear Tape On Eyes - Dorm Room Pranks
Apply some clear tape to your roomie's eyes when he is sleeping, wake him up, and and ask if he feels all right.
Superglue Plates To Tables - Food Prank
While at a restaurant, put a couple dabs of superglue underneath your plate. By the time you finish it will be glued down pretty good. Pay, leave the restaurant, then wish the bus boy good luck.
Keyboard Switch-a-roo - School Prank
While in the computer lab, when the classmate next to you gets up to use the restroom or whatever, unplug his keyboard. Then plug your keyboard in to his computer. When he gets back, start typing thing for him...start with, "Hey, Welcome Back"
Going Bald - Sleeping Prank
Go to your local drug store and buy an inexpensive package of hair extensions that match the same color as your victim. While he or she is sleeping cut the hair extensions to about the same size as their hair length. When your victim awakes, watch in laughter as they think something happened to their hair while sleeping.
Porta Potty Unscrew - Bathroom Prank
While your victim is using a porta potty quickly unscrew all four walls so they drop to the ground.
Hot Butter - Food Prank
Tell your victim of a chemical reaction he may not be familiar with. Tell him salt mixed with butter creates heat. Then sprinkle some table salt on a square of butter. Tell your victim to feel the butter. As soon as he puts his and on the butter...smash his hand into the butter!
Newspaper To The Ceiling - Dorm Room Pranks
Fill your buddy's dorm room with crumpled up newspaper...fill it all the way to the ceiling if you can!
Hot Sauce Injection - Food Prank
With a syringe, inject some spicy hot sauce in your victim's food before serving. Works great with apples, cakes, or muffins.
Toilet Bubbles - School Prank
Pour some dish soap in the toilet tank. When the next student flushes the toilet there will be bubbles everywhere.
Bang Snaps - Door Prank
Place "Bang-Snaps" in precarious positions on a door so that they will drop and explode when the door is opened. (such as balanced on the doorknob)
Pick Up The Entire Phone - Office Prank
Wrap a very small piece of wire around the phone cord so both ends are tied together. When the phone rings and your victim goes to pick up the receiver, he will up with the entire phone base with it.
Fiberglass Fun - Public Prank
Most people don't know that fiberglass dust can be used as itching powder and is for the most part harmless. So get creative and have fun at the local laundermat.
Free Meal At A Restaurant - Food Prank
Offer to buy a round of drinks for the guests seated at the table next to yours. Then when you go to pay for your bill at the cashier, tell her the table next to you has offered to pay your bill. Tell her they said just put it on their tab. Then look over at the table you just mentioned and give them a nod and a smile, they will do the same thing back...the cashier will just say ok and there you go...a free meal.
Hide The Chair - Office Prank
When your victim leave the room, hide his chair. When he returns act like you don't know where it is. A great place to hide the chair would be in the opposite sex bathroom
Yummy! - Food Prank
While eating at a restaurant or having dinner with friends pretend you see a fly. Take out a fly swatter and act like you are chasing it around. After awhile, take out a raisin when no one is paying attention. Then show them it quickly as if it is the fly...and eat it!
For A Good Time Call... - School Prank
After school is out and all the teachers and faculty have left, it is now time for a prank. What you do is make several copies of paper that read "For a good time call (add victim's name and number here)" then slip these papers underneath all of the classroom doors.

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Note: Our database of pranks and practical jokes is for entertainment purposes only. We do not support people actually doing pranks that are harmful to others or illegal.