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31 Flavor Phone Prank
Call your victim and disguise your voice as a radio DJ and ask him this simple question: "If you can name 31 Baskin Robin Ice Cream flavors in 31 seconds, then you will win $31,000...ready? Go..then wait a few seconds and say "oh! so sorry you are out of time" then hang up!
Dollar On The Ground - Public Prank
Leave a dollar bill on the ground in a public place with a pile of poop on it. See if anyone will take the bait.
Apartment Ding Dong Ditch - Public Prank
Ring 2 apartment door bells where the doors are either next to each other or closely across from each other. Then run and hide. Both of those neighbors will open their doors at the same time. They may think each other was the one that rang it.
Label Swap - Sleeping Prank
Create your own label and replace it with your victim's pill bottle label. Example: swap his aspirin bottle label with a label that reads "Mental Tablets"
The Cable Is Out - Dorm Room Pranks
When your victim gets up from the couch to use the restroom or get a beverage, get the remote. Then change the channel to a static only channel. When he returns he will think the cable went out.
Coathanger between matress and sheet - Sleeping Prank
Put coathangers between the matress and the sheet.
A Knotty Prank - Food Prank
Whenever your victim leaves his drink unattended and his drink has a lid and straw, tie the straw in a knot below the lid. Then when he returns act like nothing happened.
Free meal at a drive-thru - Food Prank
When you pull up to the pay window at a drive-thru fast food joint, tell the cashier that the car behind you is your aunt or uncle and they have offered to pay for both cars.
Where Is The Alarm? - Sleeping Prank
While your victim is alseep, reset their alarm clock so it goes off at 2am or 3am. But don't place it back on their nightstand. Instead hide it in a closet or behind the tv. The person waking up will be on an early morning hunt for where that annoying sound is coming from. For even more laughs, try unscrewing the lightbulb and watch the person scramble around the room in total darkness.
The Wet Willy - School Prank
Lick your finger. Be sure to get it really slobbery. Then unexpeditly put it in your victims ear.
3D Movie Prank - Public Prank
wear those funny looking 3D glasses (the kind that are different color lenses) into a movie theater that isn't showing a 3D movie. Watch the entire movie with them on. If anyone asks, tell them they work on any movie.
IT Prank - Office Prank
Send out a memo to everyone explaining that all computers have been infected with the new 'Letter G Virus' and that everything is ok, but for the rest of today nobody can type the letter 'G' or else it will cause even more havoc on the company computer systems.
Recessed Door Prank
If the victim has a recessed door, fill the area flush with the wall (perhaps with drywall) and paint to match the wall. Victim returns to a wall where the door used to be.
Door Swap Prank - Dorm Room Pranks
Remove doors on your hall and swap them with other doors from around the hall.
Bend Over Splits - Public Prank
Place a dollar bill on the floor and as people walk by and try to pick the dollar up, you stand nearby and tear a small piece of cloth. It will sound as if the victim of the prank actually split their pants and most of the time they will check their rear and leave in embarrasement.
Default Home Page - Computer Prank
Change the default home page on their broswer so next time they open it to surf the web it shows an embarrassing site.
Paper Clip Daisy Chain - Office Prank
Take out all of your co-worker's paper clips and link them together, then put them back in the box.
Soiled Food - Food Prank
Convice the person that they have eaten a piece of food that has been soiled by some bodily function. Have fake "evidence" (or real evidence if you really are cruel) to back up your claim such as pictures.

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Note: Our database of pranks and practical jokes is for entertainment purposes only. We do not support people actually doing pranks that are harmful to others or illegal.