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Do you know the difference between coffee shop and wine shop? Simple: coffee shop is starting point of love and wine shop is ending point of love.
~ Funny SMS Text Message

Morning time a cup of hot hello,
A plate of crispy wishes,
A spoon of sweet smiles &
A slice of great success specially for u
Enjoy the day!!!!!!!!
~ Funny SMS Text Message

Lawyer: what was the first thing your husband
Said to you when he woke that morning?
Witness: he said, where am I, Cathy?
Lawyer: and why did that upset you?
Witness: my name is Susan.
~ Funny SMS Text Message

Tel me why r u avoiding me these days? Did i do any thing wrong?keepin touch with me atlest 1ce a week it really hurts.
Your tooth brush
~ Funny SMS Text Message

Love is like a chewing gum,
It tastes only in the beginning!
But friendship is like chocolate,
It tastes till it ends!
~ Funny SMS Text Message

What is business ?
Dad: i want u 2 marry a girl of my choice.
Son: no
Dad: the girl is Bill Gates' daughter.
Son: then ok.
Dad goes o Bill Gates.
Dad: i want your daughter to marry my son.
Bill gates: no
Dad: my son is the ceo of the world bank.
Bill gates: than ok
Dad goes 2 the president of the world bank.
Dad: appoint my son as the ceo of your bank.
Dad: he is the son-in-law of Bill Gates.
President: then ok
That’s business…!!
~ Funny SMS Text Message

What? Is a difference between
A kiss, a car and a monkey?
A kiss is so dear,
A car is too dear and
A monkey is u dear.
~ Funny SMS Text Message

Pure friendship is like sugarcane;
Crush it,
Twist it,
Squeez it,
Beat it to pulp;
All that you’ll get only
~ Funny SMS Text Message

Q: where do you find giant snails?
A: on the ends of their fingers.
(giants' nails.)
~ Funny SMS Text Message

If you do not have a girl friend - you are missing some thing in
Your life.
If you have a girl friend - you are missing every thing in
Your life.
~ Funny SMS Text Message

Only true friends stand by u
During bad times.
I promise
I will attend ur wedding.
~ Funny SMS Text Message

If, 1=5
5= ??
Before scrollin think.
Answer is 1.
Remember the first line..
Moral - don't complicate simple problems in life!
~ Funny SMS Text Message

Every man needs a beautiful wife, intelligent wife, caring wife, loving wife, sexy wife, adjusting & cooperative wife, but it’s sad that law allows only one wife.
~ Funny SMS Text Message

To err is human. To admit is a blunder
~ Funny SMS Text Message

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